Hello, I'm Angeline Chan, an LDR life coach!

Passionate Life Coach, Having Lived the Long-Distance Life

Who is Angeline?

Multilingual person, in a multicultural environment

I’m from Singapore, currently located in Taiwan, and my husband is from Germany. I appreciate different cultures, and find one’s culture and language act like windows into how a person’s mind works. It’s a lot of fun! English is my first language – and Mandarin Chinese, German, and Japanese are my secondary languages. There are a few others, but since I can barely form a working sentence with them, I guess they don’t count!

From navigating long-distance with my partner, to long-distance with family and friends

After a total of over 8 years of navigating long-distance with my partner, I have finally moved to the country where my husband is, which means that I am now navigating the long-distance with family and friends back in my hometown.

I understand the challenges that come with maintaining long-distance relationships, adjusting in a new city, and how frustrating and isolating you can feel. I also understand the unparalleled joy and satisfaction you can have from thriving in your relationship(s).

Previously an IT business analyst and Agile Coach, now a Long-Distance Relationship Life Coach

Prior to becoming a life coach, I was working in the agile software development space as an IT business analyst and Agile Coach.

I started getting formal training to build up my coaching skills, and decided to turn my experience and struggles into an opportunity for me to help others who were going through what I had.

My husband and I had a myriad of challenges to navigate in the beginning of our relationship, but once we managed to overcame our major challenges, my relationship with my partner became stronger than ever – and I want others to be able to say the same.

Long-distance relationship life coach : Angeline Chan
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Badge

Certified Coach with LDR Experience

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), have completed 125 hours of ICF-accredited training, and am a certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach. My personal experience helps me understand your needs, while my training equips me to empower you.

Through coaching with me, you can work towards creating a life and relationship that is like a strong home, ready to face any storm.

Long-distance relationship coaching can help you to live your life with confidence, create a fulfilling life outside of your relationship, and start reaching your personal and relationship goals. Not only that, but we can work together on your journey towards creating a happy, genuinely connected long-distance relationship!

Book a free consult with me to find out whether working with me is right for you, or if you’re ready to jump in and start finding out what your next steps could be, you can do so through the Healthy LDR Assessment at US$97 below!