Take charge of your career growth and become more confident at work!

One-on-one coaching to help women in tech transform from unsure to unstoppable!

It can feel stressful and anxious when you’re feeling stuck and unsure about yourself at work

Negative self-talk

Are you stopping yourself from stepping out of your comfort zone because of that voice in your head?

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Feeling inadequate

Do you feel inadequate at work, like you need to pretend to be more than you actually are?

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Feeling stuck in your career growth journey

Do you feel like you’re not growing as much as you would like, but are not sure how you can go about growing yourself more professionally?

Imagine instead…


Confidently express your thoughts

Being more confident in knowing your strengths and being comfortable about what you’re working on improving


Unlocking new opportunities

Embarking on an opportunity to move into a new position because you managed to have an open conversation with your boss on your needs!

Be comfortable saying "I don't know"

Having a system in place to grow yourself personally and professionally regardless of the organisation you’re working in, and feel yourself become better every day!

Long-distance relationship life coach : Angeline Chan

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Hey there, I'm Angeline!

I am a certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, and an introvert by nature. I started my career in the software development space, starting off as a developer, and then a Business Analyst and consultant. I was also a trainer and agile coach.

For many years, I avoided challenging the status quo and remained in unhealthy environments or made decisions due to familiarity and perceived safety, fearing the unknown beyond my comfort zone. This changed when my "safe" space began to crumble, prompting me to embark on a transformative learning journey.

Navigating this new territory, I found inspiration in the brilliant individuals around me in my fresh professional environment. Feeling like a fish out of water, I began honing techniques to set aside unhelpful thoughts, focusing on refining my skills and cultivating confidence to undertake tasks I once deemed unthinkable. This journey of learning and personal growth gained momentum with the unwavering support of those who surrounded me.

Over time, I embraced discomfort, mastered the art of handling setbacks, and achieved goals once thought impossible. Freed from the paralysis of failures and embarrassing moments, I cultivated resilience and swift recovery, extracting valuable lessons from each experience. Taking charge of my personal growth, I fortified my newfound knowledge, applicable even as I transitioned into entrepreneurship.

Empowered by my ICF-approved coaching training, I have translated my transformative journey into the "Unsure to Unstoppable" program, aimed at helping others who feel unsure about themselves and their abilities, to become more confident, own their own career growth journey and take steps to get there! If you're ready to begin your transformation, register your interest in the programme below. Our doors to the programme will be opening soon!

Don't worry if you still have questions or are worried about whether the programme will be a good fit for you, I speak with all prospective clients before they enter the programme to ensure that we would be a good fit!

Unsure to Unstoppable:
A Journey to Confidence and Growth

Start feeling more confident in your abilities and take charge of your own professional growth as part of this guided 8-week coaching programme! As part of this programme, you can:

Become more aware of what's getting in your way!

Every week, I share carefully curated resources that will increase your awareness of the different factors that may be causing you to feel unsure about yourself and your abilities, and what you can do about it!

Respond to your emotions in a more productive way, both at work and at home!

As you transform the way you respond to negative emotions and become more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone, you start taking steps to becoming a more confident version of yourself. And guess what? Your learnings can apply not just to your professional life, but also your personal life!

Take the steps needed to take charge of your professional career growth and start building your personal brand and reputation

Learn how you can structure your own professional growth, even if this doesn't exist in the organisation you are currently working in! The best part? This is not dependent on the organisation you're in! I use this in my own career, whether as a working professional or as an entrepreneur, and you can apply it to your own career!

Actively take action towards becoming the confident you!

Through take-home activities, as well as weekly 60-minute individual coaching sessions, we will identify the areas you need to focus on, and come up with action items you can immediately take to move towards your goal!

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Part 1: Transform your inner narrative

We start off by exploring inwards and taking a look at what is behind the unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Do certain aspects of work affect your work effectiveness and make you feel irrationally anxious, or are you holding yourself back from speaking out or stepping up? We’ll introduce ways to help you manage the negative emotions that surface in these circumstances (such as that anxiety!), so you can stay calmer, and handle the situation in a more positive manner.

Part 2: Create Your Professional Growth Structure

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not sure what you need to work on to move forward, and how? With the tools to create a more productive inner narrative, we’ll identify what goes into your shorter-term growth plan. We’ll look at how you can start create a support structure for yourself as you work on getting there to not only help you move forward towards your goals, but also improve your self-esteem.

Part 3: Grow Your Confidence and Career Potential

With a better handle on how you respond to situations at work, we’ll identify how to move you towards your shorter-term goals. With your goal in mind and the ability to more effectively manage what is holding you back, you can start becoming more confident and comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone!

"The programme is intentionally designed to help you gain clarity of the areas to work on as you move toward your goals. It is complemented by well curated resources that Angeline provides, which have been instrumental in spurring further personal reflection, insight, and action.

She has helped me turn my ideas and aspirations into reality, while ensuring self-accountability in the process, and the experience has been enriching and rewarding."

Melissa Leong (Singapore)

"I feel truly fortunate to have Angeline as a coach! Her empathetic demeanour and inquisitiveness help to bring out the best in me, which has led to some of my most profound growth over the past several months."

Derrick Snow (United States)

"Angeline is an inspiring and thought-provoking human being and coach. She creates a safe space to explore ideas, focussing on solutions and holding oneself accountable to help turn ideas into reality.

I would recommend Angeline in a heartbeat."

Tracey Laba (Australia)


Are you ready to transform from unsure to unstoppable?