Build a fulfilling life while in a long-distance relationship (LDR)

One-on-one coaching to help you create a strong and successful relationship, while building a fulfilling life
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5 ways to strengthen your long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship can be tough

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Feeling lonely

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time missing your partner or distracting yourself on Netflix instead of living your life?

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Facing communication challenges

Are you facing challenges in communicating with your partner over the distance, and feeling insecure?

Frustrated waiting on lady luck

Are you frustrated waiting for the stars to align, passively waiting for an opportunity to present itself that will allow you and your partner to finally end the long-distance?

Signature Coaching Programme

In my 12-week coaching programme, we’ll work together to help you gain a larger sense of fulfilment from your life and your long-distance relationship, and improve your relationship not only with your partner, but with YOURSELF as well!

Long-distance relationships (LDRs for short) CAN work and even thrive. Yours can too. That’s exactly what inspired me to offer LDR coaching.

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Better understand yourself, your needs, the triggers that prevent you from getting what you want, and handle them in a more productive manner

Communicate more effectively not just with your partner, but with others as well

Feel closer and more connected to your partner despite the distance

Discover your own needs and start working on them

Hey there, I'm Angeline!

My partner and I have been navigating long-distance for over 8 years, and now that we have closed the distance and are taking steps to make that permanent, I’m navigating the distance with my family and friends back in my hometown.

I understand the challenges that come with maintaining long-distance relationships, adjusting in a new city, and how frustrating and isolating it can feel. I also understand the unparalleled joy and satisfaction you can have from thriving in your relationship(s).

As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, I decided to turn my experience and struggles into an opportunity for me to help others who were going through what I’d already endured. Book a free consult with me below to see how you might benefit from working together with me!


“Angeline is an inspiring and thought-provoking human being and coach. She creates a safe space to explore ideas, focussing on solutions and holding oneself accountable to help turn ideas into reality. […] I would recommend Angeline in a heartbeat.”

Tracey Laba (Australia)

Angeline is always present with excellent listening skills and supported me in my discovery through her powerful inquiries. She has been instrumental in helping me connect the dots and making new discoveries.

Suat Lay Ong (Singapore)

Embark on your journey in just 3 steps!


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3. See growth

Make real changes in your life and long-distance relationship to move you towards your goals

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5 things you must do for a strong and successful long-distance relationship