Are you ready to find out which areas to start working on to improve your life and long-distance relationship (LDR)?

Take the Healthy LDR Assessment to start your journey!

Take the Successful LDR Assessment to learn what might be causing you to feel unfulfilled, frustrated or lonely, and what you can do about it… in under an hour!

How it works

This includes a 15 min assessment, and a 45 min 1-on-1 debrief with me. At the end of our time together, you’ll know:

    1. Which areas of your life you need to work on
    2. How these gaps have been affecting you; and
    3. Other insights based on your situation!

The Signature LDR Programme

Want to better handle the challenges that come with your LDR?

Start on your journey towards a fulfilling life with your partner and for yourself as part of this 12-week coaching programme! As part of this programme, you can:

Increase your self-awareness through carefully curated resources

Every week, I will share with you carefully curated resources that can help increase your awareness of different factors that may be affecting your relationship with your partner and yourself.

Discover more about yourself and your relationship, and take action towards your goal weekly

Through take-home activities, as well as weekly 60-minute individual coaching sessions, we will work to identify which areas of your relationship and life you want to improve, and come up with action items you can take to move towards your goal!

Respond to your emotions in a more productive way and feel happier!

Start taking steps to transform the way you respond to negative emotions so you feel less frustrated, and connect more with yourself, your partner, and others you interact with!

Programme Overview

Part 1: Better Understand Yourself & Your Triggers

We start off by exploring inwards and taking a look at what you value and what upsets you. Have you had disagreements with your partner that left you feeling irrationally angry and upset? We’ll look at what’s happening in your everyday life and introduce ways to help you manage the negative emotions that surface in these circumstances, so you can identify upsetting situations, stay calmer, and handle the situation in a more positive manner.

Part 2: Communicate More Effectively

Here, we focus on your interactions with others, where you may be finding it difficult to share your needs or listen to your partner’s. 

You’ll look at ways you can respond differently – in ways that respects your needs and allow for more meaningful conversations. The result? You’ll more effectively express your needs in conversations and with your partner, you’ll be able to connect on a deeper level despite the long-distance!

Part 3: Discover Your Shared Vision for the Future

With a better understanding of your own needs and the ability to have more effective conversations with your partner, we’ll explore the possibilities for your future and, together with your partner, identify what your shared relationship vision could be.

Perhaps you identify opportunities that could allow you to move to your partner’s locale, or discover that you both may want to hit certain milestones in your career before working towards a transfer to the same location. You and your partner will decide what opportunities are possible for you that you can both be excited about!

Part 4: Build a More Fulfilling Life and Relationship

Finally, we look at the different aspects of your life and relationship, and identify shorter-term goals to move you towards the vision for your future. Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling excited because your career is advancing, and at the same time creating opportunities for you to finally join your partner in the same location!

By aligning your personal goals with your needs, you are actively building a fulfilling life for yourself AND with your partner!

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Connect better with your partner with an ideas guide for long-distance relationships, categorised by love language!

Understand loneliness better with our guide to loneliness and what you can do about it!

“The programme is intentionally designed to help you gain clarity of the areas to work on as you move toward your goals. It is complemented by well curated resources that Angeline provides, which have been instrumental in spurring further personal reflection, insight, and action.

She has helped me turn my ideas and aspirations into reality, while ensuring self-accountability in the process, and the experience has been enriching and rewarding.”

Melissa Leong (Singapore)

“I feel truly fortunate to have Angeline as a coach! Her empathetic demeanour and inquisitiveness help to bring out the best in me, which has led to some of my most profound growth over the past several months.”

Derrick Snow (United States)

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